In Uganda, a unique public-private solution

7th August 2012 In Uganda, a unique public-private solution to the infrastructure challenge leads the development agenda

NAIROBI, 7 August, 2012 – Uganda has been one of the countries at the forefront of Africa’s renaissance. In the past two decades its GDP growth has averaged just under 6% and they have surpassed the 2015 Millennium Development Goal of halving the 56% poverty rated recorded in 1992/93.

To continue this positive development trend, Uganda, like many African countries is prioritizing infrastructure development with over 50% of their 2012/2013 budget earmarked for infrastructure. Two ATI-backed projects reveal the potential and scope of the challenge ahead.

According to the World Bank, approximately $1.1 trillion is needed in annual infrastructure financing in developing countries, including Uganda, through 2015.

In Uganda, this urgency is reflected in the muddy and often impassable roads of the small Island of Bugala, the largest island in Lake Victoria measuring close to 300 square kilometers. With an economy reliant on fishing, tourism and agriculture, improvements to the road and transportation network, electricity and water supply are expected to give a big boost to the local economy.

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